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The Publisher

World’s most experienced Fluency Developers

You know... we’re the pioneers in the field of spoken English fluency. The first people in the world to specialize in publishing fluency-building books.

We’ve been publishing the self-study books authored by Prof. Kev Nair since 1982. Yes, since as far back as 1982.

And over the years, these self-study books have come to be widely respected and widely discussed among fluency aspirants – in many countries outside India.

Buyers from abroad & from all over India

Those who have bought the Fluentzy books in the past include people living/working in a number of countries in the world.

And they include buyers from all parts of India — from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

And the buyers belong to various walks of life.

You know, if there’s one characteristic that’s common to everyone who needs the Fluentzy books, it’s this: They’re people who do things that are important enough to need a high degree of fluency in English. Wherever they live.

Created by the Father of Fluency Development Training

And here’s one reason why you should buy the Fluentzy series of books: These books have been authored by none other than Prof. KevNair, "better known as the father of fluency development" - The New Indian Express.

More about Prof. KevNair.

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