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Cyber piracy of ‘Fluentzy’

The world-wide popularity of the books in the ‘Fluentzy’ series is so enormous that two illegal websites came to be hosted by book pirates outside India — solely for selling the pirated versions of these books. For US dollars. At four times their published price.

• “A Russian Internet Service Provider... has closed two websites that were engaged in selling pirated versions of the fluent English self-study books... in the ‘Fluentzy’ series by Prof. Kev Nair... charging an exorbitant premium... This incident is considered significant against the backdrop of a growing feeling among developing countries that items of intellectual property having unique value are being systematically smuggled out... for mindless commercial exploitation.” – THE HINDU.

• “These two copyright-infringing websites... had been built solely for carrying on commercial piracy in the globally sought-after books in the ‘Fluentzy’ series... The price quoted by the websites for each of Nair’s books included a high premium and was four times the published price.” – The New Indian Express.

• “Cyber piracy of Nair’s titles in the internationally popular ‘Fluentzy’ series” – THE TIMES OF INDIA.

• “This is learnt to be the first time that the works of an Indian author writing in English have been targeted by cyber pirates.” – THE HINDU.

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